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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The girl is reasonably pretty and slim as most young girls are but really is not anythng special, physically, just above average. They say at 50 you have the face you deserve. Compare this young miss to Maureen O'Hara who just turned 89 or 90. Miss O'Hara was a complete knock out from age 17-55, kept her figure and still was attractive and quite handsome into her 60's and 70's.
And part of the appeal of Maureen O' Hara was she had a great sense of modesty. She was a very talented woman who also sang on broadway and recorded a LP of Irish songs (very nice really she had a sweet but small voice; her mother was an opera star).
Remember Brittany Spears? The same thing an above average girl in looks wth a nice figure and some talent for singing (not much really). She struck it rich but does not seem to have a happy life. I wish Miley better fortune but it is not a good sign when her parents allow her to be displayed and exploited like a prostitute. All this wealth and fame are like some feverish disease . A healthy person has just enough and develops good relationships with loving and trustworthy stable people. But all this is, in my humble opinion very unhealthy for Miley when lewdness, money and fame are all combined with a longing for those things to the detriment of all else there is an increase of jealousy, fear of loss (of fame, of looks, of figure), foul talk (each word like wound eventually it will damage the soul), foul thoughts (dominated by Eros; true love of friendship becomes difficult if not impossible). In the end an ugly life will end in ugly actions. And of course Miley will not be 15 or 25 forever. The great actresses singers and artists have more than looks alone and so make the transition from the eternal 25 year old (until age 40). Those actresses who don't and who can't make the transition often go mad. Marilyn Monroe died at age 36 and she was overweight -have you seen photos of her 1960-1962?- and rapidly aging. If she had not killed herself her career would have been over. That was too much for her to take so she went out before total bankruptcy set in. Very tragic but hers was a life -despite all her talents- of endless eros and hedonistic parties ending all alone drinking and taking pills and afraid to leave the house. I hope Miley can avoid a tragic path to self destruciton that Brittany Spears and Marilyn Monroe followed. That is the real tragedy. What are the parent's thinking? Maybe all they care about is their cut in the action. But money is not everything , not by a long shot. And true beauty is found only with modesty and true happiness is found only with true love which goes far beyond and far deeper than mere eros (sex).


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