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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mezzo Soprano Jacquelyn Wagner is absolutely magnificent.

Dear Sir:

I am a great aficionado of song and opera and I have been following great singers all of my life. One of the real greats –I saw her perform many times- was Victoria de Los Angeles another was the great Mezzo Shirley Verrett. I thought I should never hear or see the like again in my lifetime.

But I was wrong. Jacquelyn Wagner is absolutely magnificent.
This is a voice I would drive 500 miles to hear.
This is a name and a voice I will patiently wait for and seek out to hear again and again!
The words to not exist to describe fully the thrill this woman provides not only with her lustrous, glorious voice but with her every gesture and facial expression, her sincerity, her clear diction, her complete involvement with the song and the music. When I heard her performance of De España vengo it was as if I had heard for the first time. Never have I heard an American artist sing this famous Spanish Zarzuela Arias to such perfection!
Miss Wagner seems to have that inner fire that burns only in a handful of great artists and - when it blazes up - makes for the highest and most memorable music experience possible. There can be no question this is a great musical and artistic talent.
I wish her all the luck in the world and with me she has mad a fan for life.
Good health I wish to her, great health, good companions, good luck and much happiness. Those associated with Jacquelyn Wagner can consider themselves very fortunate indeed.


Richard K. Munro, MA
Teacher of English, Spanish and History Jacquelyn Wagner - Der Freischütz Jacquelyn Wagner - De España vengo The only performance by an American that I would rank as worthy of comparison to Victoria de Los Angeles. The timing, expression and diction really rose to the very limits of art.

VICTORIA DE LOS ANGELES is applauding from heaven and nodding in aggrement with me:

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