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Sunday, October 5, 2008

QUOTE OF THE DAY by Thomas Sowell

But the country does not deserve to be put in the hands of a glib and cocky know-it-all, who has accomplished absolutely nothing beyond the advancement of his own career with rhetoric, and who has for years allied himself with a succession of people who have openly expressed their hatred of America.

THOMAS SOWELL, speaking of Barrack Obama 10/4/2008


Carlos Echevarria said...

Richard, just saw Palin in Clearwater, near Tampa via the local Fox affiliate online.

That USTREAM page for campaign events is not reliable, I am going to call Virginia so they can address the issue.

Plus saw her last night in Omaha via another local broadcast, online.

This woman continues to amaze Morris has pointed out, no just her presentation but rather the panoply of emotions, invection, self mockery (said she has been giving Tina Fey job security, LOL) and being on cue with the chanting audience.

20,000 came out this morning in Clearwater and Ft. Myers will be even bigger I heard...unfortunately I am 2 hrs away and will not be able to make it!!!

Plus, she should not waste her time in Miami Dade, the older Cuban Americans (like my parents) will vote for her, solid GOP, but Dade has seen a transformation and has now become very liberal, remember even Kerry won it in 04'.

They are concentrating in the best areas, Tampa, Ft Myers (Collier County), tomorrow in Jacksonville and finally in the Panhandle (both military areas)

I don't think it will be a landslide here, but just like in January during the primary I see Mac taking Florida, notwithstanding ALL THE MSM POLLS...

You should see the Spanish language ad running here on Lifetime and Telemundo, tying Mac to Bush and saying he wants to privatize Social Security, as well as blaming Mac for the economic crisis and being wrong on immigration.

Can you believe that crap???????????????? This is Orwellian.

I am going to early vote on the 20th, near my house, get it out the way, I might become a campaign marshall making sure the Dems aren't stealing votes just like in Ohio.

Did you see her in Carson?
Jon Voight is a true blue American patriot, what a great man!!!


Thanks for the update Carlos....keep me involved..Florida is a must win state for Mac and Palin.