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Monday, October 13, 2008

New York Times Reports:SARAH. "Palin has emerged as the most electrifying speechmaker among the four politicians on the major party tickets."

She’s intelligent, she’s adorable and she has the audacity to speak her mind,” said Ray Gilson of Corapeake, N.C., who attended the Virginia Beach rally. “I’ve never loved a politician like I love her. I want her to be president someday.” Many millions feel the same. This is not the end; it is just the beginning.

At least the NYT is sometimes honest enough to report real enthusiasm for Palin.

Ms. Palin has emerged as the most electrifying speechmaker among the four politicians on the major party tickets. She generates enormous fervor at her events; people sometimes do not stop clapping or shouting words of praise until Ms. Palin pauses.

But they are quick to point out:

But Ms. Palin’s partisan zeal could repel some independent voters in closely contested states like New Hampshire and Pennsylvania; Democratic polling in both states shows Ms. Palin with high negative ratings among independents. Palin advisers say many of these voters do not know enough about her; Ms. Palin is campaigning in Pennsylvania on Tuesday and New Hampshire on Wednesday.

This remains to be seen; the truth is there would be no race at all without Sarah Palin.

She jumpstarted a moribund campaign and gave it life. This is a tremendous achievement. Her ascent to national prominence is historic and is not a flash in the pan.

This may be like her Lt. Governor race which seemed like a defeat but like Lincoln’s 1858 Senate defeat to Douglas it really was a victory to be so close and OUTSPENT 20 to 1. In the next election, Palin then known statewide defeated all her opponents. Palin will be back and as I have said many times, no matter what happens, she cannot lose in November. She can only win. If it is close she will get credit and still be Gov. of Alaska and in place to achieve more reform and positive energy legislation. If Mac wins she will be the heir apparent; if he loses she will be the frontrunner for the 2012 GOP nomination.

At every rally in Florida, Ohio and Virginia Palin draws three , four , five times, ten times the crowds Bush raised in 2000 and 2004. There is no comparison. Many people supported Bush as the lesser of two evils –I never once met an enthusiastic supporter of Bush. Palin is a phenomenon and this is just the beginning. I recently spoke with a group of McCain supporters –even single one said they wished it were Palin’s turn and they were hopeful no matter what happened in November they would have Palin. (Munro)

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