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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin-Biden Debates: Stunning Victory for Sarah Palin is a game changer

“SAY IT AIN’T SO JOE…doggone it….we are going to look towards the future…” Sarah Palin

I agree with you about Fannie Mae but it ain’t over yet…Mac has TWO debates…centered on domestic affairs to launch an overwhelming airstrike on the Obama bandwagon. I think as in Midway McCain is holding back his best strikes for a knockout blow –a devastating knock out blow from which OBAMA’S NATIONAL CAREER MAY NEVER RECOVER. (and then it will be Hillary in 2012 possibly versus a Palin-Petraeus ticket.)

Palin was outstanding; I counted at least 10 clear factual errors by Biden TEN. Not arguable things but clear misrepresentations.. Biden claimed he and Obama would reduce taxes and waste when both have the reputation of being taxers and wasteful spenders. Palin was the clear winner. In an audience of independents 86% said Palin won. Watch the poll numbers go up next with for McCain.

Biden VOTED against COAL and said there was no such thing as clean coal. Biden voted against off shore drilling. Obama voted against it.

And both men have talked about mandating anywhere from 20 % or more of our energy to come from alternative resources at a time when 50% of our electricity comes from coal fired plants.

America is the Saudi Arabia of coal and has huge resources of natural gas. The McCain plan of clean coal, more than 50 nuclear plants for clean electricity and more American natural gas –the all of the above approach Palin mentioned is feasible.

She didn’t mention that Biden was AGAINST THE ORGINAL ALASKA PIPELINE and claimed it would wipe out the caribou population. In fact there are ten times as many caribou today as in 1973. The reason is the pipeline has created so many jobs for Alaskans and Native Americans that they can hunt merely occasionally for sport and do iron dog races rather than live a subsistent lifestyle..

Obama and Biden would wave the WHITE FLAG OF SURRENDER. One of the best nights when Palin said NEVER AGAIN to the corruption on Wall Street and Washington. That is a hint of the McCain strike to come in the last two debates.

Biden promised tax cuts and talked about MRI’s but with the Obama-Biden plan would we all be on waiting lists as in Canada for YEARS to get treatment? What good is health care if you die before you can get treatment. That is Canada. That is Britain. It might even be Cuba. McCain’s plan is modest, economically feasible and appealing to middle class American. Erase state lines so there can be more choice in group plans and give every American a $5000 tax credit.

Yes there are many people who are uninsured but the vast majority of middle class Americans and retired people have good plans and good group and private insurance and they like getting the best medical care possible. My wife is alive today because they detected the tumor in December –had the biopsy by January 19-and operated before February was out. It was quite literally a race for survival. But due to outstanding preventive care, an outstanding surgeon and access to the very best voice specialists at UCLA my wife dodged a bullet, did not lose her voice or her health and is not 99% recovered (and getting stronger gradually month by month). I shudder to think what would have happened if we had had Socialized health care. Obama dangles Free Health care as a panacea to the American people but what he offers is a chimera. Socialism is and always will be the sly enemy of freedom, innovation and efficiency. The American system has brought the most innovation in medical technology and new pharmaceuticals of any country in the world. Do we really want to destroy this engine of innovation? Reform it certainly. Help more Americans get full access to it but not destroy it. That way lies madness, in my opinion.

Dick Morris said Palin was a superstar and she won the debate. He said –exactly what I told my wife and an audience of Independents and Republicans- that Palin’s performance was the best performance since the Ronald Reagan.

Now one can doubt now –looking at her solid record of reform, her executive experience, her success in laying out the foundation expanding and widening our energy with natural gas –defying the oil oligopoly, that Sarah Palin is qualified to be a Governor (one of the highest rated in the country with a strong record of bipartisanship), and qualified to be Vice President.

Biden was impressive in his own way –much more so than Obama – everyone with us said so!!! –BUT he seemed ill at ease trying to defend Obama whom he has criticized so often just months ago and whom he said was CLEARLY NOT READY OR PREPARED TO BE THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE.

And now he says that Barrack like some magic pumpkin has morphed into a highly qualified candidate for chief executive. INDEED, “Say it ain’t so Joe…SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!”

Sportin’ Life Obama –the mystery man whom even now we know very little –the man who has the thinnest resume of achievement of any presidential candidate in the entire history of the Untied States- could win, of course, it’s possible the American people might be bamboozled into such a wild gamble but then again that game plan AIN”T NECESSARILY SO!!!

And one thing is certain as I have been saying for weeks –we are watching the emergence of a new political force in America.

Sarah Palin has proved she has what it takes to lead and lead vigorously. Obama might win, and McCain might lose. McCain might win and Palin will win with him –and get most of the credit. But no matter what the outcome –it should be clear that SARAH PALIN CANNOT LOSE IN NOVEMBER. If it is close she will get the credit –still be a hugely popular governor with more chances to boost her already outstanding record. We are looking at the woman who is at this moment the woman most likely to be the first woman president of the United States by 2012 and 2016.

America’s love affair with Sarah Palin has just begun.

The Washington elites score Palin’s folksie accent and plain American speech –the Left course calumnies her and attacks her as a religious fanatic –falsely claiming that the church or churches she and her family belongs to are outside of the mainstream of American life.

But the truth is Sarah Palin’s religions beliefs are very much like mainstream America and that SHE DOES NOT BELONG TO THE CHURCHES SHE IS ATTACKED FOR HAVING ATTENDED. I have attended many religious services –out of fellowship or good manners- usually for baptisms and weddings but that doesn’t mean I accept the theology of those churches.

The attacks on Palin remind me very much of the attacks on Gen Scott –who was called falsely the “Roman Catholic Scott” and Stephen Douglas who was accused of being pro-Mormon for having Mormon friends and a secret Catholic because his second wife was Roman Catholic and raised all the children in that faith. But Douglas himself was not a religious man merely a man with tolerant view vis-à-vis the many denominations he encountered in his American travails. Sarah Palin is an authentic American personality.

I have studied American politics all of my life. I have read biographies of every president and every major political figure in American history from Fighting Bob Lafollette to Jane Addams to William Jennings Bryan, outspoken presidential nominee James B. Weaver and Mary E. Lease. It was Weaver who said –in 1892- “There is but one issue in the South. That is competition to see who can most hate the Negro. The that wins gets the nomination. The whole thing is a dead-drag on the country…Slavery must be the greatest of all crimes. Here, we are after all these years after it has been abolished, and we are still paying the penalty for it..” This was four years before Plessy V. Fergusson.

Perhaps you do not remember or know Mary E. Lease but she was an important precursor to every successful female candidate for state, local and federal government. She was a Populist in an age dominated by corrupt Republicans and Racist Redeemer Jim Crow Democrats. Like Sarah Palin, Mary E. Lease was good-looking,beloved and admired by those who knew her, courageous and plain-spoken. Like Sarah Palin she was a mother of a large family –Lease had four.

Mary E. Lease said: “What you farmers need is to raise less corn and more Hell!”. She went on:

“Wall Street owns the country. It is no longer a government of the people, by the people and for the people, but a government of Wall Street , by Wall Street and for Walls Street. The great common people of this country are slaves and monopoly is the master,” How the people cheered. If woman had had the vote she might have made governor or president. So people said at the time.

Tonight we saw the death shroud of the Old pre-1968 Democratic Party in the gaffe-prone godfather of Delaware Tort , ear marks and pork, Joe Biden. The only Senator left who voted AGAINST THE ALASKA PIPELINE in 1973 when Sarah Palin was in the 2nd grade and I was in high school. And we saw the rise of a new populist progressive Republican party –a party that has a real hope to hold its ground and win many electoral victories for years to come. This is the meaning and the essence of Sarah Palin. Her emergence and her freshness is like a whole new chapter in history unfolding before our very eyes.

Yes, I have seen every presidential and vice presidential debate since 1968. I have read and studied every race for election in American history. I have read histories of every election. And the biography of Sarah Palin, the personality of Sarah Palin, the wit of Sarah Palin, the authenticity of Sarah Palin and yes, the political instincts of Sarah Palin seems to me to be , as I have said weeks and months before to be ordinary but at the same time extraordinary. Classically Western and classically American right out of Turner’s frontier thesis.

Some consider me to be a wise and prescient man –some of you recall I predicted the triumph of Clinton and the closeness of the 2000 election, correctly predicted that George W. Bush would lose the popular vote. It would all come down to Florida –a state in which Mr. Bush took the early lead and NEVER WAS PASSED BY GORE.

But I was confident Ole W would win by the narrowest of margins because I knew how many Navy, Marine and Air Force absentee votes there were in Florida and that Florida State law allowed TEN DAYS for them to register.

Since I knew the spirit and opinion and fighting spirit of the men of the Sixth Fleet and Seventh Fleet and American bases around the world –there has never been a time I did not have a friend, former comrade in arms or former student who was not serving in one service or the other- I knew the military vote –particularly of the Navy and Marine officers and NCO’s –those most likely to vote would be overwhelmingly for Mr. Bush.

Bush never lost the lead. I was right and the liberal pundits were wrong. Joe Lieberman –you might recall –a man of honor knew this too and refused to countenance any rejections of legitimate military votes. If he had been a crook and if the Democratic operatives had been allowed to carry out such corrupt subterfuge, Gore may have won but the Republic and the rule of law would have been wounded and perhaps mortally so. McCain recognized this civic virtue in his old adversary Lieberman and it is why McCain –against the advice of many Republicans – campaigned for his honest Democratic friend against a fellow Republican. And Lieberman has paid him back with unstinting loyalty. Liberaman like Stephen Douglas and Daniel Webster will be remembered as one of those near great Americans who were true profiles of courage and civic virtue. NON MIHII NON TIBI SED NOBIS. “ Not for me alone nor for you alone but for all.”

October 2, 2008 is a date that will be remembered in American history. In Minnesota all America who wished to see saw it. A star was born. They were witnessing what Alaskans have known for years, what liberals call half in fear and half in unreasoned contempt the rise of Palinism.

Others have doubted in these past weeks and congratulated themselves on their conventional wisdom. As Fred Thompson said rightly such spinners of lies, calumnies, out of context quotations and impossible gotcha questions –the kind Obama never has to parry- ought to hang their heads in shame if they are capable of shame.

Palin showed her true mettle tonight and I feel the best is yet to come.

Obama will achieve the feat of being an interesting footnote in history rather like General McClellan or William Henry Harrison or James Buchanan.

And by saying this –for two of three of these Americans rose to the highest office of the land- I am saying that Obama might eke out a narrow pyrrhic victory in the general election as he did in the primaries and so back into the presidency as a relative novice completely unprepared and outmatched for the challenges ahead like Buchanan or Carter and so fail disastrously bringing America to the brink of moral, military and social catastrophe.

But I do not fear this even this mortal storm. Because the figure of our age may not be the superficial, charming Obama but that remarkable woman of Wasilla, Alaska who seems to be, at times, a reincarnation of TR, Annie Oakley, Harry Truman and that Mary E. Lease with whom Mrs. Palin, I am sure, would have had a lot in common.

Obama evokes a little of Adlai Stevenson,, a little of W.E.B Dubois, a little of William Jennings Bryan,, but especially Schuyler Colfax of Credit Moblier fame.

I would be very surprised if Obama can every escape the taint of Acorn, the Rev. Wright,, Fanny Mae not to mention his complete disassociation and disconnect with American victories in the field in Iraq, Afghanistan and other intelligences and counter insurgency victories in Asia, Europe and Africa that, remain for the present, unknown. The truth of his character and associations and his mediocrity will catch up to him eventually.

McClellan too wanted to cut and run and raise the White Flag of Surrender even though victory of the Union was clearly at hand.

We cannot know precisely how the future will play out but we can sense as through a glass but darkly that America will, in time, call upon the skills and virtues of Sarah Palin and discard the vain hopes of phoney Obama change.

John McCain himself will fade in history as Harrison, as McKinley as Gerald Ford or as the Bushes. But he will be forever remembered for his associations and his role in the emergence of Sarah Palin.

This is what Auld Munro thinks and this is what Auld Munro senses.

Sarah Palin –well done. It is a privilege to share this time and this century with you. She has my vote and support now and for years to come.

And like me there are legions, countless millions. And America is just getting to know her.

I do not know Sarah Palin as Whitman did not know Lincoln –Whitman knew Lincoln only from afar and by his deeds and his words- but Whitman recognized real greatness of heart and mind in honest Abe that man who came out of the wilderness.

I do not say what I say out of any hope of advancement or personal gain. All my life I have served as a citizen –and I have been active in several successful campaigns- and as a citizen only. Not for me but for the land I love, knowing that a good conscience is the best reward of all. Service is honor enough. That is the true essence of civic virtue.

But my sense of Palin is that she represents a new force in American politics and is the only hope for a progressive rejuvenating spirit in the Republican party which without her is moribund.

Sarah Palin is a game changer. She will bring onto the national scene men and women from without the tired old oligarchy of Yale, Harvard, and Columbia, men and women of the true North and West. They will bring about true change –not only in the Republican party but in Washington as well.

What a privilege it is to share the same century with such a genuine American personality like Sarah Palin.

She will make her mark on American history. We are witnessing history.

I feel more certain about this than anything since my cousin Helene Munro called to tell me she met, while a student a Junior College, a candidate for governor of California called Ronald Reagan. He talked to her face to face for about thirty minutes after giving a modestly attended speech with almost no media present. He stayed to talk to the students. She told me to watch him. Not only did every one say this was the man they wanted for governor but this is the man we want for president.

That was 1966 and since that time neither she nor I have ever seen a political phenomenon to match Reagan –until now. And her sense –what well call second sight- matches mine.

That might seem amusing to you or quaint or vain but I will never forget she was the first person to tell me that Ronald Reagan was the greatest American she had ever met and a man who seemed regal, avuncular and presidential all at the same time.

And, of course, she was right.

This I can see as ‘second-sighted Sandy could see the glory and the hope and the doom of Drummossie Moor, Gallipoli and the Struma Valley –April 1917.

All seemed hopeless –a handful of brave men were down to their last reserves of strength and their last cartridges, but one day changed everything and the world forever.

For they got the news that the Yanks were coming. America had declared war. It was a game changer.

Corporal Johnny Robertson 1st Battalion ASH –American Johnny he was known to the men because he had worked for Thomas Edison and had voted as a naturalized American citizen for Theodore Roosevelt- told them all that Germany would fall. It was, he said, only a question of months not years. And so such news was a very great encouragement. Somewhere, someplace there would be a place for them and a land of freedom. They did not know where –they would soon be scattered to the four corners of the earth but they knew Germany would not prevail.

The triumph of Palin will come though I know not if it will be in a month or in a few years. But come it will.

We too have got the news that a team of Mavericks is coming to clean up a Washington culture that has become the very sink of cowardice, corruption and obliquity..

Let us hope and let us pray,

Mac and Palin all the way.


Bakersfield, California October 2, 2008. 1052PM

AMERICAN TEACHER and American by choice and thanks to Sarah Palin, a proud Republican (I am like Joe Lieberman a former Democrat).


Carlos Echevarria said...

Richard the Lionheart, now that was an English monarch we could all rally around, huh!!!

Taking our faith to the Muslim hordes.

Frankly, the base of your knowledge, historical analogies are stunning...I too consider myself a master of history (just a BA, but have more knowlege than most Master & Drs. I have encountered)

I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding Palin's performance and the one of the only people I listen to amongst the pundits is Dick Morris, who you site.

He is Yoda.
He is the Master.
Respectfully, Rove pales in comparison, Morris is up there with Deaver & Atwater.

He is not given to hyperbole and said it clearly, the Reagan analogy you cited, as well as HRC being worried...

Because there is a new female sherrif in town, LOL

BTW, HRC has some very kind words for Gov. Palin.

As an aside, did you notice that Biden physically engaged her at the end, he was entranced by her, grabbing her arm and then Piper came in and ran interference, LOL

Just like you, I was Sarah before the pick, I am with Sarah today and I will support Sarah "as long as their is air in my lungs and blood in my veins" like the greatest politician of the 20th Century, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill!!!

I also picked up that Biden, who I disagree with, but have no personal enmity towards (unlike Barry) also had qualms defending Barack...

If you go back to 68', 72', 80', 84', the rhetoric employed by the mainstream media has always been the same, whether it was with RMN (my hero, I have been to the museum in Yorba Linda), or Reagan...

I love you comparing Obambi to McClellan, esp. since Palin botched McKierney's name, but she was right as to what he said...Biden lied, again.

Also, your TR, Annie Oakley analysis I had cited that too...check my old posts, circa late August, LOL...I had her as TR, Oakley, Maggie Thatcher and Wonder Woman (I had a Lynda Carter badge on my site but dropped it after he idiotic comments in NJ)

Lastly, I thank God (I prayed to my entire repetoire of Saints on Thursday as well as Paul VI& JP the Great) to aid and guide Sarah.

Palin represents the Culture of Life as expounded by John Paul the Great. It baffles me to see morons like Kmiec, Kennedy, Sebelius, Kaine, Kerry, Pelosi, etc. even attempt to justify the Muslim interloper on Catholic grounds.

Benedict XVI and Father Corapi has been very clear on this, there can be differences over just war, over the death penalty, but NONE over abortion or euthanasia...

Who do you think Benedict XVI really wants to win in November????

Only McCain whose kids went to private Catholic school, whose wife worked with Mother Teresa, who visited the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico and received a blessing represents us...

For Heavens sake, Sarah Palin, non Catholic, but closer to us than Biden ironically is the most pro life candidate in my lifetime.

Lastly, I must concede that I have been a Palinista since early Spring and furthermore, everything about this woman enthralls me.

Her glasses.
Her hair.
Her beautiful family.
Her incredible daughter Piper, she is even more a natural!!!!
Her accent.
Her rhetoric.
Her record in Alaska.
Her personal courage.
Her authenticity.
As a single man, I wish she had a twin sister, LOL, or a clone, just kidding.....

have a great weekend buddy...I am thinking of traveling next year out West, cuz I have a lot miles with American Airlines, might make a pit spot in Cali on my way to Palin country in Alaska. (actually, and coincidentally a life long dream0


Dear Carlos:

Thank you for your kind remarks; it may not surprise you that I was bombarded with negative emails from Country Club Republican types and New York Liberal friends (God love 'em these are good people but they don't like or trust Bible Belt Christians and invoke separation of Church and State; the feeling I get is that they think traditional Christians will persecute them and reinsitute the Spanish Inquisition. Actually, the irony of this is people like Palin or me or you are Israel's best friends. We love Israel, we support Israel for all it stands for as a democracy and as a guardian of the Holy Land. So I don't understand the animus of Liberals from New York and the Washington Elites towards Palin EXCEPT that they know they will not have the inside track for jobs and appointments. I personally think a lot of animus comes from that. They are the Yale/Columbia and Harvard graduates and think they are entitled to be Federal Judges and get top government jobs.
So a populist like Palin is feared in part because they see her as a threat to their career growuth as Belt Way parasites. I am not an uneducated man but I believe people who call Palin an "imbecil" and "bimbo" are engaging in unsubstantiated ad hominem attacks.
Personally, I find her directness and folksy speech charming. There is no question she has a distinct Western/Alaskan accent. I really can't quite place it but it seems to have its roots in Midwestern English. But I don't find it disagreeable at all and I find it quite intelligible. And also direct. Perhaps blunt at times. I think she is smart and honest. Do I think she is the greatest scholar since the Fall of the Roman Empire. No. But I daresay passing the bar does not qualify one for being the Chief Executive; in fact it may disable one. Palin has much more real life and business experience than Obama or Obambi as you call him. I think my allusions were right on the mark. Once again the elite, thought that my 'second sight' and when I talk about this I am speaking of my heart and intuition- is crazy but my people were Highlanders and 'second sight' -that gut feeling -that intution- was something that one put stock in. I believe people like my Auld Folk were really more in touch with the world and had a very great understanding of the ways of the world and humanity. So people can dismiss them and me -they are always a part of my mind and heart- but somehow they and I were able to make good decisions. For example, my cousin recognized FROM THE FIRST DAY she met Ronald Reagan that this man had a DESTINY. Now I think you and I agree that Palin also has this charisma and the courage and the character to do extraordinary things. In that she seems more like TR than Truman (she has compared herself to Truman). But I sense as you have, real greatness in the woman. Perhaps the Liberal Elites and the Republican Country Club Elites ALSO -if they were honest - recognize that with her they have met their match and that a person like her will just bypass them. So I think their dislike is based on:
1) Jealousy -Palin has five children but doesn't have that shapeless white trash dare she!!!! But religion plays a part in this; I don't know if she is a teetotler but I think it clear she leads a healthy lifestyle and is fitness conscious. She is obviously not a glutton or a boozer. Those lower middle class vices do in most men and women and hence the middle age spread. As a young person you can life that life but past 40 that kind of diet and lifestyle catches up with you.
2) fear....they know she is courageous and will act on her principals.
3) prejudice against Red State traditional values. They don't know what to make of a NRA huntress who is a crack shot.
4) class prejudice for a provincial school teacher's daughter who just worked her way through state schools and has been a common laborer- part time commerical fisherwoman for over 20 years.

They are effete elite big city types and are positively frightened at this self-reliant Woman of the West.

I also prayed for her success; there aren't many women around like Palin but I think she has a divorced sister somewhere. I think the way to find a nice woman is to go to a red state and find a nice woman aged 30 or more. If you are a nice fellow and have a job you could find a girl like that; maybe just a high school graduate. But seriously, I remember spending a couple of days in Sioux City Iowa and I had dinner at the local dinner next to the Holiday Inn(I think that was it) ; it was one of those chains not Denny's but Coco's or something like that. The young waitreesse there were very nice local girls -blondes- nice figures and each one prettier than the next. Obviously just high school grads but I remember they really gushed over me and gave me great service. There was no question that most of these young single girls hoped they would find an employed sober hard-working husband. There are still girls like that out there. They may not be geniuses but their are good cooks and very pleasant. On the negative side -I am being honest-most lower middle class girls like this from Iowa or Missouri have a brief flowering of beauty. They love to eat and drink and don't take much exercise so, on average they are among the heaviest women in America after the age of 25 or so. The elite belong to clubs and ski but the modest classes are poor and housebound. As young girls they are reasonably active playing sports and swimming but once they leave school and have to work 40-50 hours a week to make ends meet -often in the service trades as bank clerks or waitresses-they just don't make time for strenuous physical exercise. So if you marry a woman like this you have to make allowances. But that having been said women in that part of the world are better than average in looks and always are at least reasaonbly well educated. Many are devout Evangelical Christiand or Roman Catholics. By the way you may not know but Palin and her brothers and sisters were all baptized as Catholics as children. I believe their father was a Catholic and the mother married into that faith. But the mother, once in Alaska, converted to Evangelical Chrisitanity and that was how Sarah Palin was raised but she has many friends and relatives who are Roman Catholic and I believe Todd Palin's Eskimo grandmother was raised Russian Orthodox (many Eskimos are Russian Orthodox). So she comse from a racially diverse and religious diverse family.

I agree with Dick Morris and respect his opinion. I think he is smarter than Karl Rove as you say. I love the Palin family; the parents, her extended family..they seem the salt of the earth. I say without hestitation people like that make me proud to be an American. Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi do not make me proud to be an American. I would not lay down my life for the likes of Nancy Peolosi or Barney Frank but I would lay down my life for Sarah Palin and her family. The ARE the TRUE America the America worth fighting for and worth dying for. The America I hope my children will have a chance to join and belongs.


Richard (Moose)