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Saturday, October 4, 2008

War, Money, VD HANSON, and the last gasp of America

From: julzNC
Sent: Friday, October 03, 2008 11:11 PM
To: Richard Munro
Subject: War and money

Ancient thinkers from Thucydides to Cicero insisted that money was the real source of military power and national influence. We've been reminded of that classical wisdom these last three weeks.

That's Vic Hanson here:

I have been pounding every table I could find in this matter for 20 years, especially in the last 8. I don't understand how this country could have conducted itself for so long as though money grew on trees, or streamed from the printing press, without horrific consequences.


From: Sean Sculley
Sent: Saturday, October 04, 2008 8:12 AM
Cc: julzNC
Subject: Re: War and money

Yes, read this last week.

The real plague is that of multiculturalism, namely, THE MANDATE FOR DIVERSITY, that has colored if not directed every one's judgement for two generations.

Largely fostered by the educational establishment and then willingly propagated in businesses, the press and our scum politicians, should the Karamel Krooner get in, those tenets will become Law. The insertions in the once three, but now four hundred page so-called bail out plan make that quite clear.

There is no meaningful moral fiber, precious little intellectual curiosity, blah, blah, with which to resuscitate America.

Phillpe de Montebello's tenure at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is the sole exception and may, under the new director, a purportedly a civilzed man, may remain an island of his kind in sea of puke for another generation, possibly. Sarah America, (and the militray, particularly Pataeus's Army and the USMC), is the last gasp of a dwindling, mostly white minority that appreciate the difference between hard and soft, that knows virtue cannot be separated from brawn.
We can rail and explain all we want.


On Sat, Oct 4, 2008 at 2:47 AM, R K MUNRO wrote:

Quite right of course VDH is right…it what happened to the British Empire 1946-1947. Essentially they were bankrupt and overextended. They have never completely recovered from 1914-1918. We could face the same fate EXCEPT we have some aces in the hole…we have food exports and vast natural resources of timber, natural gas and coal.


My dearest Seanin –and friends-

I agree with you that Sarah America –Palinism may be the last gasp of White America and by that I mean English-speaking Christian America.

I certainly don’t imply any racialism or racial segregation. America is a nation of immigrants but it is not and cannot be people of nations of separate peoples. This notion of particularism and racial separatism and Marxian multiculturalism is particularly odious to me. We are one Nation, under God or we are nothing.

Palin’s family itself is racially mixed and all her children are of mixed ancestry as the blood of indigenous America flows in their veins.

And of course I myself have married into the Spanish-speaking world –also our cousin culture –we came from the same Christendom of the West.

Perhaps some forget that Scottish crusaders perished fighting the Moors in Spain and that the heart of Robert the Bruce lay in a place of honor in a Spanish cathedral for centuries but I do not forget the Men of Douglas and Keith who lay down their lives –not for Scotland and not for the Bruce but for the Spain and the Holy Faith.

These peoples –the Latin/Hispanic/Mexican peoples- are as I have said many times before our Western Allies and these peoples are and have been learning the art of freedom and democracy and gradually turning their backs to their deep heritage of feudalism and Spanish authoritarianism born in the cauldron of seven centuries of war for survival.

The Spanish-speaking peoples have great values such as a deep sense of sacredness and family which I deeply respect and honor and is one of the reasons I have married into that world- and things to teach us and they have great vigor; like a subterranean river their strength and forces runs deep throughout the continent.

But these people, like other immigrants, too must be assimilated to the American Republic and American ways if we are to retain our political unity.

We can live in a country with Americans of Latino ancestry etc but we cannot long endure in my view as a polyglot boarding house who have no loyalty and love to our states, our Armed forces,our Constitution and flag.

So let me be very clear –I am the enemy of racialists and Nazis and extremists and modern know-nothings and xenophobes. This is not just talk –the men of my race and line drained their dearest veins and blood twice in the last century in countless battlefields to stop the march of Prussian Militarism, Japanese Militarism and Nazi tyranny. My father’s and uncles’ and grandfather’s generation put these evils to the sword so even to imply that I or they are fascists or have any sympathy with the odious doctrines of those foreign dictatorships would be deeply resented.

But I do think there is such thing as an American culture and such a thing as American values and for want of a better word I call this White America. We can obfuscate and call this Western America but that doesn’t fit or European American or the culture of DWEM’s but that doesn’t fit or Anglo-Saxon America –that comes close or Christian America but it would be more accurate to say Judeo-Christian America or English-speaking America but that is not a term any American, let’s face it would use.. So I am being blunt and using a term that most Americans in the privacy of their homes would understand; it is not for most Americans an exclusive term but surely when African Americans accuse each other of ‘talking White’ –how can White be a language? –they themselves are using the same concept.

I consider myself to be an Anglophile but as most of you know I am not an Englishman nor the son or descendant of Englishmen but I respect and honor the best of that race and line and for example Washington, Lincoln, Churchill were all English and I think among the greatest statesman of our modern age or indeed anytime. I honor and revere their memory as I honor that Dutchman with a Scotch streak FD Roosevelt.

The Gaels have many virtues but unity and statesmanship of that level was never their virtue; they served as independent lieutenants to Romans and Englishmen that I freely admit. Roman law and English law are magnificent but could never have been created by quarrelsome, impetuous, and let’s face it primitive clannish Celts.

We can say what ever we want but Toynbee was right –we were the last White Barbarians of Europe. As Toynbee said the Iron Age in Europe ended on April 16, 1746. But let me say we entered the Union as free men and one of the reasons we loved America and gave to her all our heart and blood was that here was a land where a man could breath free and live as we say BYDAN FREE.

A strong English-speaking America can assimilate non Europeans to our culture and our language and our democratic way of life. What I call Bydan Free. The core of America is made of people who have been Bydan Free and not just since 1776. My race and line has always been Bydan Free. We never submitted to the Romans, the Vass (the Vikings) nor the Anglo-Normas nor the English; our heads were bloodied by unbowed.

For us Lexington was just another skirmish with the forces of Empire and enslavement going back to Mons Graupius (79AD and Alesia and before). We have an ancestral memory of a long rear guard action over the centuries with the might of Rome for as the Bard sang (and I translate)


Of the steely hard Roman come,

Taken were our own hilltops,

One by one,

In hellish storms of fire darts and missile…

Though unwritten and only half remembered the memory of a 1000 Numantias and Masadas in Spain, in Gaul, in Cisalpine Gaul-northern Italy Celtic speaking in the time of Caesar- Britain, Galatia- still runs strong. Ne obliviscaris. Do not forget.

Though I cannot prove this I am quite sure Sgt William Munroe –it was in his tavern that Hancock and Sam Adams met the night of April 18,1775 with Captain Parker- was very aware of the military history of his race and line –their brave defense of Mary Queen of Scots –their fighting by the side of Wallace and the Keiths and the Bruce against Longshanks and later against Cromwell. The had read their Paine –I am sure April 16 1745 and its aftermath crossed their lips and they talked treason to the King and Parliament. If they were Scots and sons of Scots how could they have not? For such people REMEMBER THE PEOPLE THEY CAME FROM and the FORTITUDE OF THEIR ANCESTORS who were BYDAN FREE. This love of freedom is more ancient even than our deep Christian faith and I realize that sometimes the pride and fury of this heritage of mire-catha –battle-frenzy or the ancient blood lust- lies just below the surface and threatens to break loose of the Master’s teachings.

The ancient voice says KILL OR BE KILLED and be a TERROR TO THE WORLD –take no prisoners- and essentially DIE WITH A SWORD IN YOUR HAND but the apostles bid us to channel our energies in defense of the good –our Holy Faith- and the meek and of womankind. That is the essence of course of Highland or Scottish Chivalry. One makes a oath to serve and Dread God and obey his commandments and to break that oath to kill for self or for lust or for revenge is the ultimate disloyalty. One renders under to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

When I was a boy I learned of Bannockburn but also of Lexington –where the first Sergeant was a Munroe and veteran of the French and Indian War (Fraser’s Highlanders) and that 16 of the 77 men at Lexington were Munroes and over a third were the sons or nephews of Highland soldiers many of whom had been pardoned by Pitt after having been disposed under bills of attainder by the Duke of Cumberland and his grisly gang.

Recently I saw a rousing National Guard commercial an ode to the citizen soldier at Lexington and I could not help but think of my clansmen and kin Ebenezer Munroe who claimed to have fired the shot heard round the world. Knowing the hot blooded and proud nature of my race and line – I do not discount it.

Such men were BYDAND FREE they would never allow a Lowlander like Pitcarin tell them what they could or could not do.

When Pitcairn said DISPERSE YE REBELS that just fired them up. Five Munroes were killed or wounded that day. No one can say we are not a fighting race. But the defeat of the morning was turned into victory by evening and it was brave Englishmen, Welshmen, Scotsmen and New Englanders who did the job. It was, very much a victory of borderland people, up country English, lowland Scots, Highlanders Bristol people, Welsh people the kind of people who had never been entirely dominated by anyone and who refused to accept the yoke of tyranny from anyone. Not the Imperial Government of 1775 and not the Imperial Government of 2008. The elections of 2008 and 2012 may be the last stand for this America.

Either we take charge to ensure an EQUAL future for our children or we will be Affirmative Actioned to death and mediocrity and ultimately economic, military and political collapse.

Either we take charge to protect our natural rights to life liberty and property and our free exercise of religion and our right to bear arms or we will be ground beneath the wheel of oppressive confiscatory taxation of the Bold State.

Make no mistake if Obama nationalizes health care he will destroy vast swaths of private business and private employment and inaugurate the largest spoils system for Affirmative Action sinecures this country has even known. That is Michelle Obama times 10,000. or times 100,000. Non producers collecting $100,000, $200,000 and $300,000 a year.

When Caracalla granted Roman citizenship to the whole world –just to raise the tax base- it was basically a death blow to the Roman polity

I for one see in Affirmative Action Creeping Bold State Socialism the enslavement and destruction of the private sector and the pursuit of excellence..

For one thing service in the army was no longer a pathway to citizenship.

Latin ceased to be the lingua franca in many places and neither a lack of education or military service kept anyone from claiming land and being Roman. So many parts of the West simply ceased to be Roman. I remind all of you that Roman Britain Bavaria and Vienna and Switzerland were part of the Roman Empire for almost 500 years but in these places Latinity was all but extinguished.

Very soon the Roman Army was composed of mostly Barbarian hordes. At one of the last battles of the Roman Empire Aetius commanded fewer than 7,000 Roman soldiers –all the rest were garrison troops- and most of his Army versus Attila the Hun at Chalons were barbarians. “ I can just imagine the proud fury of the Visigoths in this campaign which may have saved the West from total annihilation. But it astonishing to think how the far the Roman Army had falling since the glory days of Caesar, Trajan and Marcus Aurelius. Sort of like the trajectory of the British Army. since 1945.

I say it without malice but England, that is to saw the UK could not withstand another 1940 today; they would fold in weeks so tiny is their Army, Navy and Air-force and so disarmed and cowed are their people.

In 1940 the common people were armed and rural people had shotguns and pistols to defend themselves. Not any longer. And the armed minority will be the true masters if the disarmed majority.


“The discomfiture of the mighty attempt of Attila to found a new anti-Christian dynasty upon the wreck of the temporal power of Rome, at the end of the term of twelve hundred years, to which its duration had been limited by the forebodings of the heathen." HERBET

The confederate armies of Romans and Visigoths at last met their great adversary face to face on the ample battle-ground of the Châlons plains. Aëtius commanded on the right of the allies ; King Theodoric on the left; and Sangipan, king of the Alans, whose fidelity was suspected, was placed purposely in the centre, and in the very front of the battle. Attila commanded his centre in person, at the head of his own countrymen, while the Ostrogoths, the Gepidae, and the other subject allies of the Huns were drawn up on the wings. Some manoeuvring appears to have occurred before the engagement, in which Aëtius had the advantage, inasmuch as he succeeded in occupying a sloping hill, which commanded the left flank of the Huns. Attila saw the importance of th e position taken by Aëtius on the high ground, and commenced the battle by a furious attack on this part of the Roman line, in which he seems to have detached some of his best troops from his centre to aid his left. The Romans, having the advantage of the ground. repulsed the Huns, and, while the allies gained this advantage on their right, their left, under King Theodoric, assailed the Ostrogoths, who formed the right of Attila's army. The gallant king was himself struck down by a javelin, as he rode onward at the head of his men; and his own cavalry, charging over him, trampled him to death in the confusion. But the Visigoths, infuriated, not dispirited, by their monarch's fall, routed the enemies opposed to them, and then wheeled upon the flank of the Hunnish centre, which had been engaged in a sanguinary and indecisive contest with the Alans.

In this peril Attila made his centre fall back upon his camp; and when the shelter of its intrenchments and wagons had once been gained, the Hunnish archers repulsed, without difficulty, the charges of the vengeful Gothic cavalry. Aëtius had not pressed the advantage which he gained on his side of the field, and, when night fell over the wild scene of havoc, Attila's left was still undefeated, but his right had been routed, and his centre forced back upon his camp.

Expecting an assault on the morrow, Attila stationed his best archers in front of the cars and wagons, which were drawn up as a fortification along his lines, and made every preparation for a desperate resistance. But the " Scourge of God " resolved that no man should boast of the honor of having either captured or slain him, and he caused to be raised in the centre of his encampment a huge pyramid of the wooden saddles of his cavalry. round it he heaped the spoils and the wealth that he had won; on it he stationed his wives who had accompanied him in the campaign ; and on the summit Attila placed himself, ready to perish in the flames, and balk the victorious foe of their choicest booty, should they succeed in storming his defences.

But when the morning broke and revealed the extent of the carnage with which the plains were heaped for miles, the successful allies saw also and respected the resolute attitude of their antagonist. Neither were any measures taken to blockade him in his camp, and so to extort by famine that submission which it was too plainly perilous to enforce with the sword. Attila was allowed to march back the remnants of his army without molestation, and even with the semblance of success.


See for example Creasy

PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION…we are going to need plenty of both if we are to survive. MUNRO


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