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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Subject: RE: The Coolin/chúilfhionn /An Cuilean

Re; what is the Coolin?

The Coolin or chúilfhionn in the old Irish Gaelic spelling –I have seen Cuilean as a Scottish variant is word almost best not translated for modern English –particularly modern PC English - can scarcely capture its poetic and spiritual beauty.

I searched the wide world and found my Coolin; we have shared our lives for 34 years; 25 as husband and wife with three fine children two of whom qualify to be Coolins themselves!!!

Am listening to the Lebeque sisters play a piano due of THERE IS A PLACE FOR US by Bernstein which is very appropriate and exceedingly lovely.

And that is no sae bad! Aye.

Dear Emi-san and friends:

The Coolin means a vision of a beautiful milk-white lady-like maiden of long hair a-curling and a-twinning down upon her shoulders,

Rings of gold upon her fingers and the blush of rose upon her brow!

The Coolin is a vision of womanly softness, constancy, goodness and purity of heart

whose welcome ,like her love, is true and from the heart within;

The Coolin is a maid who blushes and whose warm kiss knows no taint of sin,

For modesty is the true beauty of womankind!

The Coolin’s mouth is without fault and knows not lies nor blasphemies,

Such a maid as the Coolin is worth more than a man’s life!

That every wise man son doth know.

And all journeys end in lovers meeting,

And lucky’s the man who finds his Coolin!

When you have found her

Never let her go.

O tell me sailor who lives upon the sea and ships,

If ship or sea or star is as lovely!

O tell me young shepherd who keeps his flock

If flock or glen or is as lovely!

Many’s the prince would be proud to aspire

To the Coolin but with money you cannot buy her!

Speak to me not of a name great in story!

To win the Coolin is the greatest joy and glory!

-Richard Keith Munro

So that’s the Coolin.

When there cease to be woman of worth like the Coolin the human race is finished Highland Mary would qualify I think as a Coolin.


I had the very great pleasure of seeing the lovely Mary O’Hara perform this song while she played the harp. She spoke, played and sang with perfect harmony, sweetness, honesty and serenity.

RE: The Coolin/chúilfhionn /An Cuilean

An bhfaca tú an chúilfhionn 's í ag siúl ar na bóithre

Maidin gheal drúchta 's gan smúit ar a bróga?

Is iomaí ógánach súilghlass ag tnúth lena pósadh

Ach ní bhfaigheann siad mo rúnsa an gcuntas is dóigh leo.

An bhfaca tú mo spéirbhean lá breá is í ina haonar

A cúl dualach drisleanach go slinneán síos léi?

Mil ar an ógbhean is rós breá ina héadan

'S is dóigh le gach spreasán gur leannán leis féin í.

An bhfaca tú mo bhábán 's í taobh leis an toinn

Fáinní óir ar a méara sí ag réiteach a cinn?

'Sé dúirt an Paorach a bhí ina mhaor ar an loing

Go mb'fhearr leis aige féin í ná Éire gan roinn.

(translation R. MUNRO)

Sawest thou the Coolin a-walkin’ the roads

A morning bright of dew dewy without a smudge on her brogues?

Many’s the young man envious and longing to espouse her

Ach, they won't get my inner-most love matter what they think!

Sawest thou my beautiful woman, ON fine day when she is alone

Her hair a-curling and a-twining, and a-hanging down about her shoulders?

Sweet young woman with the rosy blush on her brow

And every worthless man hopes she will be his lover.

Sawest thou my bonny young maid beside the sea

Rings of gold upon her fingers she is making up her mind?

Said Skipper Power, master of yon ship,

Far better to win the Coolin herself than Erin entire!

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