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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

G-8 Summit: Perfidious Gordon Brown?

There is a wee Geordie from Alba,

Who eats like the Emperor Galba,

Though he is Labour through and through

He dresses and travels … the Counts of Anjou!

MUNRO: I understand the G-8 had a six course gourmet lunch and an eight course gourmet dinner.

This reminds me of that Renaissance Pope Leo X who said –in a letter to his brother->>Since God has given us the papacy, let us enjoy it.>>

This must be the attitude of Wee Gordon Broon (Gordon Brown).

Alba, is of course the ancient Celtic name for Scotland which could be translated as “land of the mountains white”, Alba being a cognate with ALPS.

It may have referred to Britain as a whole –thus deriving its name from the white cliffs of Dover or from its mountains which can be seen from Ireland and are snow covered year round.

Hence the Gallo-Latin word. Albion (Ἀλβίων) the oldest known name of the island of Britain as was used by Greek sailors and geographers. SOURCE: MacBain’s Eytymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Langauge.

It is used of course to refer to England or the UK including Scotland. Perfidious Albion or perfidious Gordon Brown?

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