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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Grand Auld Hymn the AULD RUGGED CROSS

This is a translation of THE OLD WOODEN CROSS by the Rev. John MacLeod, Church of Scotland Minister in Oban for many years. The translation is close to the English version. The melody is the same as that used in English. It can be found in the hymn book SEINNIBH DHAN TIGHEARNA.

‘S ann air cnoc fada thall thog iad Iosa air Crann,
A fulang gach cruadail is nàir .
Thug E bheatha gu saor air son peacaich an t-saogh'il
Ach an creideadh na h-uile na ghràdh.

An seann Chrann ud tha maillaicht gun bhàidh
Rinneadh glòrmhor tre cheusadh Mac Dhè;
‘S tha sinn riaraicht is sona gach là
‘S crùn oirdheirc gar feitheamh air Nèamh.

An Crann searbh ud làn tàir ann an saoghal làn gràin
Tha gam tharraing le cuireadh tha fial;
Thàinig Iosa bho Ghlòir is fuil phrìseil gun d dhòirt -
B e siud adhbhar a thurais bho Dhia.

Tha n Crann brùideil ‘s e dearg le fuil naomhachd gun chealg
Gam thàladh le mhaise ‘s le ghlòir;
Is Iosa nam àit a giùlan masladh tre ghràdh,
Gam chur saor bho gach cionta is leòn.

An Crann-ceusaidh goirt fuar ni mi moladh is uaill,
‘S cha bhi eagal ro uaigh no bàs,
‘S thig E Fhèin air mo thòir gam thoirt dhachaigh gu Glòir,
Far ‘m bi sonas is càirdean is gàdh.

E. leis an Urr. lain MacLeòid
Faclan is Fonn le Seòras Bennar

THE SOUND OF MULL Recorded a wonderful version circa 1974 and it is available on CD.

The best I can do on short notice is JIM NABORS. He is nae sae bad.

Great old hymn; my granny who loved Billy Graham, Guideposts and the Bible used to love to sing this hymn .

I am ashamed to say I never sang it for her no expressed my appreciation for introducing me to this song while she lived. ‘S truth , lassie, aye.

But then I was a sinful young man only beginning to come out of the dark.
I wasna the worst grandson but I was far from the best. I did not show her the honor due her. She was Free Church and we were not and that was part of it. Still I came to understand her more as I grew older. I hope God will forgive me for my many selfish and foolish moments. I have tried to atone for my many sins of omission and comission.

She suffered terribly. She left her native island as a young woman of 17 and her beloved husband Eric Anderson was killed August 8, 1918. She was a widow for almost 70 years. My mother was an only child.

We name our daughter ERICA after him and her name of course spells his name ERIC A.

And also (and this was not planned …was it God’s will?) there are five of in our family.




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