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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gov Mark Sanford and Values.

Just a note I find the whole Gov. Sanford affair disgusting. But then I always knew Washington , DC and most state capitals –I have seen such blackguards in action- are the very sink of obliquity. There is a total lack or restraint and almost comlete inability to distinguish between right and wrong.

In such an atmosphere if hedonism and moral relativism it is no wonder there are so many outbreaks of sexual license and immorality. As I have said before I often wonder if we are living under the volcano (that these are the Last Days of Pompeii).
President Obama –it seems- at least seems to have a decent moral character and appears to be a good husband and father. But of course I do not know how many cigarettes he really smokes nor what his personal life is like at all. I DO NOT EVEN KNOW IF HE WROTE HIS BOOKS and I DO NOT KNOW HIS SAT scores or his college grades or what courses he studied. I continue to be very unimpressed by him. Ole W. at least was a man of honor and courage and I agree with Ralph Peters that he will be rated higher than most presidents –far higher than Johnson, or Clinton or Carter- Peters would rank him higher than JFK- and on part with near great presidents such as Eisenhower. But back the Adulterer in Chief of the Carolinas.

Here are some quotes from Sandford the fraud and whoremaster. We now know he had FREQUENT sexual rendezvous with his Latin bombshell (some while both HE AND SHE were MARRIED!!!!! So they both are FORNICATORS and ADULTERERS.) It wouldn’t be so bad if he had a devil may care attitude and made no pretence of respecting traditional marriage and traditional Judeo-Christian values. His defense of traditional marriage seems laughable and pathetic today. There is no question he is politically kaput anyway. I personally was never impressed by him a single big. Palin and Bobby JIndal at least seem honest go-getters. But the field is narrowing for 2012 and 2016.

GOV . SANDFORD: His relationship with Chapur (his Latina paramour): "I will be able to die knowing that I had met my soul mate. But it was one of those things, I knew the cost."
MUNRO EVERYONE HAS TEMPTATIONS; you just tell the TRUTH and DON’T CROSS the line. For example, when I meet people I NEVER SAY I am single. I have had plenty of chances –particularly when I was younger- to meet attractive single women. I still meet attractive single young women frequently. But I made it clear from the first moments how old I am and that I am married with children that I sought nothing but friendship. Between my church and my school activities and my hobbies I have no time, inclination or left over surplus cash to entertain. When I do have some money I prefer to invest it in music or books. Nonetheless, I was not afraid to have a friendship with these with some of my top former students within limits. But aside from writing letters of recommendation and giving advice the extent of my social life with them is attending their weddings and the baptism of their children. I am like an old uncle to them; I wish them well in THEIR LIVES and hope that they FIND THEIR PAIR AND THEIR MATCH. If I did anything else I would be harming them and of course harming myself and harming my marriage. My personal happiness and marriage is too precious to me for me ever to through it away for a relationship which could not possibly go anywhere. But platonic friendship is possible of course, especially long distance. Most of my friendships with women are intellectual and artistic friendships. It is a matter of honor INTEGRITY, OF TRUTH TELLING and COMMITMENT TO MARRIAGE.
And I must say I have been rewarded by the love and friendship of many wonderful women precisely because I do not cross the line. I love of course and I love passionately –this I do not deny-but a man of honor reserves the totality of the four loves for the sacrament of marriage. THERE IS WHERE YOU FIND SOUL MATES. My wife is my SOUL MATE; I have other friends, other kindred spirits who are very dear –my cousin Buntie (Helen Munro)- in a way we are SOUL MATES. I was a soul mate in away with my mother and her love for me was probably the greatest love in my life in a way. I am very glad she knew my wife and children and that they all loved her.
But love and friendship are more valuable than a few moments of rutting like an animal. Erotic love without friendship , trust and affection is a cheap and hollow thing.
I suppose part of me wishes as has always wished I could turn back the clock and live among Gaels but though I have deep cianalas (that feeling of joy and sorrow and distance much strong than nostalgia) and I remember the past and enjoy my heritage I face firmly towards the future.
Never at any time did I consider going back except in song. Really there is no place to go back to; our communities like the Jewish shetels were completely destroyed by emigration, neglect, economic, social and political forces in the years 1890-1920.
You can’t go home again. I never considered returning to Scotland (or the Highlands in particular ) and dating or marrying people of Scottish descent though that surprises people. I only dated people of faith and character and neither nationality nor race had anything to do with it. I never had any serious flings –even when I was a young man. The young women wanted flings but I resisted. I felt that if I fell to that temptation it would distract me from my true path and my pledge to my Auld Pop and parents that I would marry and have children and raise them up to be upstanding persons of character and faith.
SANFORD_ On his relationship with Chapur: "This was a whole lot more than a simple affair, that it's a love story ... a forbidden one, a tragic one, but a love story at the end of the day."
MUNRO: Wrong again. This is a tale of excess, adultery and lust. WHY DOESN’T HE JUST SAY IT. I am sure he had some feelings for this woman because at least unlike Gov Spitzer’s paid babe – Chapur was a woman of intelligence and some education. This was not a momentary lapse or fling but serious serial adultery. But Sanford had a very attractive wife and an accomplished one who had born him FOUR CHILDREN. The ingratitude of Sanford and selfishness is almost beyond ken for me. The man obviously has about as much character as Clinton. Just another political witchdoctor and whoremaster. Away with him! He is a blackguard, a liar and a villain. I absolutely hate his guts.
“Our sad decay in church and state is all past my describin’
These blackguards are like a frost in June and we hae done wi’ thrivin.”
_SANDFORD: On trying to deal with his feelings for her: "It's about incredibly deep conflicts, between one's heart and one's value system, and an 8 1/2 year wrestling match on that front."
What VALUE SYSTEM???? 8 ½ year wrestling match is right! A wrestling match of lust and adultery.
An expense of spirit –dud in the mud sterile sex-in a waist of shame.
Mrs Sanford , on the other hand, has behaved honorably all the way. She tried to keep the marriage together and told him he had to stop seeing the other woman (she found out about it about five months ago).

I have to admit I feel lost in this world. It is hard to be proud of America surrounded by hypocrites and nihilists

Of course I have no illusions. Britain is far worse and Spain is almost entirely a den of iniquity. There is no escape really from the worst of the modern world.

The 60’s have come to Spain Careers, Contraception and the Cult of Childlessness.

I count myself lucky that I got there before the contagion spread. My wife was the last harvest of the true beauty and honor of Spain.

As the Highland saying goings (I will translate). “Modesty ‘tis the true beauty of womanhood.”

( Is I ‘’n alleantaeachd maise nam ban.)

We do the best we can with our daughters but worry terribly about the character of the young men they meet. I almost (not quite) wish for arranged marriages. Perhaps that custom will come back out of necessity. Who knows?

Are values taught or caught? I think it is an interaction of both. But one must teach by example.

Even in my relationships with my sisters –sometimes conflictive- there is love and forgiveness because I PUT FAMILY FIRST and I do not want to give a bad example for my own children. I certainly am not going to sue anyone over some piece of furniture etc. It just is not that important. Things are not important as compared to memories, love, family and friendship.

There are deep bonds of loyalty and love there that can withstand anything.

Vanity and greed should not intrude and are little match for the love and affection of over 50 years or in the case of my wife now over 36 years. She and I have been friends for over 36 years and I am a close friend to her sister and aunt and mother!!!! If I lost my wife I would still have her family and its love and I would still have my children our children as well.

Real love – the love a LEAL MON- is deep and wide and unshakeable . It bends not with the remover to removed. Love’s not time’s fool. It is an ever fixed mark.

Castles are sacked in war, Eileen aroon,
Chieftains are scattered far,
But TRUTH ‘tis a fix-ed star EILEEN AROON.

Oh yes EILEEN AROON (Eibhlin arun- my innermost love!)

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