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Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Old MAN: THOMAS MUNRO, jr "Mbuti Teniente"

The tears have all been shed now
we´ve said our last goodbyes
His souls been blessed
He's laid to rest
And it´s now I feel alone
He was more than just a father
A teacher my best friend
He can still be heard
In the tunes we shared
When we play them on our own

I never will forget him
For he made me "what I am"
Though he may be gone
Memories linger on
And I miss him, the old man
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As a boy he'd take me walking
By mountain field and stream
And he showed me things
not known to kings
And secret between him and me
Like the colors of the pheasant
As he rises in the dawn
And how to fish and make a wish
Beside the Holly Tree

I thought he'd live forever
He seemed so big and strong
But the minutes fly
And the years roll by
For a father and a son
And suddenly when it happened
There was so much left unsaid
No second chance
To tell him thanks
For everything he's done

Thomas Munro, jr son of Thomas Munro Sr was born March 10, 1915 and baptized March 17, 1915 at St. Anthony's Parish (Govan -South Glasgow) while he father was serving in the trenches in the Ypres Salient. He was a naturalized American having immigrated to the USA via Canada in 1927. He served his adopted country 1941-1953 in the US Army Reserve seeing active service 1942-1946 first in the Military Police (he helped unload German Afrika Korps prisoners in New Orleans in 1943) and then as a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Transportation Corps (Pacific Theater Saipan, Tinian, Guam and the Phillipines). His cargadores called him MBUTI TENIENTE and he was the godfather to many Phillipino children and the witness at a few weddings and many funerals as well.

He died September 27, 2003 -a date I have known all of my life even before he died because it was the annivesary of the death of his kinsman DOUGLAS MUNRO who was KIA September 27, 1942 (Guadalcanal) and the birthday of my Spanish sister in law.
So to him I dedicate the OLD MAN

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