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Saturday, March 14, 2009


very worthy to listen to just for the glory of the human voice!!!

Just got this from a friend. ALEXANDER SCOURBY had a lovely voice; he also was my father’s classmate at MANUAL TRAINING HIGH SCHOOL( class of 1933 Brooklyn New York). My father did Shakespearean readings with Mr. Scourby

What a model voice! An American Ronald Colman…. Here we have, in my opinion, the LIMITS OF ART…

Mr. Scourby had the same mentor as my parents and godmother Mr. O’ Connor their 11th grade English teacher ! My parents spoke of their teachers and pastors and elders with respect and reverence and I know I am in part what I am because of Mr. O’Connor. No one knows him but he was a great teacher and a good man. The child of Irish immigrants from Galway. He hated not my father –though Mr. O’Connor was an Irishman- he often told my father that they were brother Gaels but now fellow Americans.

Mr. O’Connor was a great patriot of the old school. He encouraged my father to become a scholar in English as well as Foreign Languages. And as most of you know my father graduated from Brooklyn College; later (after WWII ) he did post graduate work at NYU but he never took his MBA.

Remember my mother –also a graduate from Manuel Training HS and my father were the first and only members of their families every to go past grade school and graduate from high school.

They felt they owed a great deal to their American school teachers –many were Jewish - a very great deal and to New York City and to America. Can’t every forget that –that’s why I could never hate New York.

My grandparents were fishermen, crofters, laborers and from time to time mercenaries –sailors and soldiers of the Queen.

But always the rankers, corporals and NCO’s ; my father always said there is no romance in being cannon fodder and so tried to diminish my romantic tendencies.

My father taught me that we owed everything to America and to forget this or deny it would be the height of dishonor and ingratitude.

So I remember the people I came from and their friends, teachers, comrades and associates. They are all part of our Splendid Ancient Heritage.


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