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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Diane RAVITCH says:

Never before has the heavy hand of the federal government reached so intrusively into every classroom in the nation. And there is little to show for this intrusion.

The Obama administration can get off to a good start by revising NCLB.

First, it should eliminate the goal of universal proficiency by 2014, because it is unattainable. Period. No state or nation has ever achieved 100% proficiency.

Second, it should recognize that the federal government is best at providing accurate information, such as what children in each grade need to know to be abreast of international standards (that is known as the curriculum) and whether our children are meeting those standards (that is, testing); third, the administration should expect states and districts to fashion appropriate reforms and remedies in their schools.

I hope Mr. Obama has enough sense to listen to Ms. Ravitch; we who are about to die –in the trenches- salute you.

Regardless of impending disasters we will do our duty as in the Ypres Salient to the very end to the best of our ability.

Americans may not be accustomed to humiliation and disaster but we Munroes are so we carry on no matter what the situation.

“Burned our home , exile and death, scattered the loyal men…. But while there are leaves on the forest and foam on the river the Clan of the Halo River (Na Rothaich) will flourish bydan free, forever unconquered.

“Castles are sacked in war, chieftains are scattered far but Truth is a fix-ed star,

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