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Monday, September 1, 2008


RICHARD K. MUNRO has left a new comment on the post "Media Updates....":

So Bristol Palin, 17, is pregant.
I am reasonably sure Mrs. Palin did not do it neither did her husband. Pre-martical sex is almost a way of life today and with or without birth control (often used very ineffectively by teens who do not have the discpline to use it properly)
teenage pregnancies will happen to the best of people and the best of families.

That having been said, Mrs. Palin is not personally responsible for her daughter's bad decision but Mrs. Palin's decision to accept her daughter and welcome the child into her family squares with my values and Mrs. Palin's values. Next people are going to say -ah, Palin is NOT as young and as trim as she was when she was 33 or 42 AH HA!!! But these are just desperate ad hominem attacks.

Many a wise author besides myself such as Bill Kristol in the NYT has called McCain's choice brillant. Time will tell. There can be no question it has shaken up the race and in favor of Mac and Palin.

That is the reality. How Mrs. Palin will hold up under Democratic mudslinging and attacks is anyone's guess but I think a woman who can hunt caribou, has experience as commercial fisherwoman, can hunt moose and when necessary shoot a grizzly and combat corrupt Pols BOTH DEMOCRAT AND REPULICAN will handle herself well.

McCain's thinking is this: some of the best soldiers and officers are those who received BATTLEFIELD COMMISSIONS. Look at Palin's rise as a kind of BATTLEFIELD COMMISSION.

That is strategic thinking AND it is really very DEMOCRATIC. Why are the Democrats so against DEMOCRACY?

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