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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New York Times mostly hate Palin -Probably a good sign


Respectfully, please post this letter/analysis of yours on your blog, it would be a great service to America. It is so utterly incisive and cogent...clearly framing the historical significance of Gov Palin and her relation to the greater brush of history!!!

Great job, buddy... CARLOS

On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 2:40 AM, Richard Munro wrote:

Most NYT letters are anti-Palin (any surprise??? But they do at least have some sympathetic letters but the result is very skewed .. NYT readers will not swing Penn., VA or Ohio. MUNRO

I love the Big Liberal arrogance of this letter:

Quote: The fact that conservatives are so enthusiastic about the possibility of Ms. Palin's becoming the leader of this country is telling. It indicates that, in their quest for power, they would knowingly install a complete incompetent in charge of our government. They are, as usual, pandering to the least sophisticated Americans to achieve their goals. END QUOTE

MUNRO: I have no quest for power; only honest government for America. If Sarah Palin is a COMPLETE INCOMPETENT then what is Obama a person with almost no experience in the market place and as an executive and with the slightest resume of any presidential candidate IN HISTORY.

Obama is plain and simple a creation of the Affirmative Action Quota mentality of the Democratic party. If there had been winner take all primaries as in the Republican party, Hillary would have won the nomination. Fortunately for America the Democratic party does not have a multiplier for there votes. I am sure they would like to. They would like to multiple McCain=Palin votes by .5 and Obama –Biden votes by 1.8. A similar multiplier gave OBAMA MORE DELEGATES THAN HILLARY in Texas EVEN THOUGH SHE OUT POLLED HIM by many thousand of votes. The best evidence of the rigged Democratic system was the fact that African-Americans were 24% of their delegates. This is far in excessive of their percentage of the population.

White males, Roman Catholics, veterans, Evangelical Christians, Hispanics, Native Americans (including the RC Bishop of Denver!!!) were all underrepresented. FACT: the Democrats have not won a majority of White male votes since 1964. In other words this election will be won by any slight shift in the women's vote or the married women's vote. Mac seems to be doing just fine. I though Palin was an idiotic choice???? So far Mac looks like a genius and Obama looks like a man of weak judgment. JFK picked LBJ …he was smarter…he wasn't so inexperienced…he was ruthless…he wanted to win….Obama's poor judgment and vanity will do him in eventually, in my humble opinion….

I support Sarah Palin because I think she is a truly populist Republican as opposed to a Country Club/Wall Street Republican (or Beltway insider Democrat).

I support Sarah Palin because she is a refreshing change from all the Yale lawyers thrust upon us year after year as if they were God's gift to humanity.

If Sarah Palin were on the ticket I would vote for her over every president of the 20th century except Ike, FDR and TR. I believe her candidacy is historic. I believe her career portends a remarkable career which has only begun. I am not the only one who says we may in fact be witnessing the dawn of the Age of Palin.

I have always told my students I expected two things in my lifetime a woman president and a woman Pope (why not?) and people are excited because Sarah Palin is a perfect choice to be groomed as a future president. Not now; in four years time or more. The torch has passed to a new generation that is for sure.

Time will tell if my nose for Palin's talents were correct. As a teacher I meet talent in the most unexpected places. And I can tell you very few of my students were star athletes AND avid readers AND deeply moral, religious persons. A person like this, quite frankly, has a special sensibility. I sense quite frankly a certain genius behind the pretty forty-something face perched on a Hollywood figure. The liberals are horrified of course because they think all religious conservatives must be plain, ugly Nazi cows.

Palin's real appeal is to the old American verities of God , Duty and Country of American self-reliance and American individualism – I see in her the influence of Lincoln, TR, Truman. I have mentioned before that Palin could be a flash in the pan like William Jennings Bryan but I don't think so because I think Palin is wiser and cannier than Bryan. I have never met her myself but have written to people who have met her in Iraq/Kuwait (Yes she visited Kuwait and visited a border post in Iraq). The Army , Navy, Marines and Guardsmen were absolutely smitten by her and her personal story. Marines like a good looking woman but are in AWE of one who shoots as well as a Marine Sharpshooter! In awe. Who is this gal???? Where did she come from????

If they could have stormed the Palatine and pronounced her Empress of Rome they would have done it. Do not discount the Palin charm and charisma. She has it in abundance.

What is most impressive to people who know her and her family is that theirs is a family of teachers and readers and leaders in their local town and church communities. Palin was most known as a young girl for being a shy, modest, chaste, serious nearsighted bookworm. Somewhere along the way she found great courage –perhaps in the hunt with her father. But anyone who thinks Sarah Palin is an unread country bumpkin will be surprised. A traditionalist yes but a pragmatic traditionalist.

And the Palin phenomenon continues to grow. People like her and trust her. The people that is. Not public (big liberal) establishment intellectuals. And I will say it again…Palin herself CANNOT LOSE THIS ELECTION. It is not really hers to win. If it is close, people will say she did it. And she will be a governor and a Republican frontrunner with great name recognition. If Mac wins people will say she did it. Once again her career seems to be similar to TR especially (a favorite of McCain). In fact, one wag joked that she WAS TR (reincarnated). I don't believe in reincarnation myself but I do believe in guardian angels. If TR is a guardian angel he is with Palin. So is Molly Pitcher. So is Sergeant York. So in Annie Oakley. And who knows who else???

Of COURSE, liberals think ALL religious conservatives and ALL conservatives in general are incompetent.

I don't consider myself to be a less sophisticated American. I studied Palin's bio and decided six months ago was the most remarkable woman Governor in America Democrat or Republican.

(Richard K. Munro)

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Carlos Echevarria said...

Happy to see you put it up, keep up the awesome commentary...