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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Sat 8/30/2008 11:13 AM


I am not kidding when I say this is the greatest thing that has happened since Gov Roosevelt TR was appointed VP. By God’s grace and wisdom he has now set her on the course to the presidency. There is now doubt about that. That challenges will be great. Enemies will be at the gate. She may have to lay down her life for her country. Her son , serving in Iraq will be the target of assassins and killers. May God save him from all harm and ill and may he come home safe and sound with victory upon his spears.

But facing firmly to the future , trusting in God, Sarah knows that here on earth God’s work is truly our own. There is a wicked spirit, hovering round us still and I see –with tears in my eyes- but darkly the trials and tribulations she is going to face.

But like here there are many more in the heartland of America and if we need to raise a thousand Gideons and 999 the unity of these United States our Great Republic and citadel of world freedom, will not fail.

Truth, and justice and freedom and mercy for the millions of innocents snuffed out by fanatics and abortion profiteers will not fail.

The Almighty has His own purposes: “woe unto the world because of offences! For it must needs be that offences come, but WOE TO THE MAN BY WHOM OFFENCE COMETH.” {Lincoln; 2nd Inaugural and the Old Book of course}

If may be that every drop of blood spilled by heartless women and greedy profiteer abortionists will be paid a million times more to add to the 40,000,000 already cruelly snuffed out in the silence of clear white rooms not unlike the clean tiled gas chambers of the Nazi murder machine.

As it was said on the Old Book over three thousand years ago “the judgments of the Lord, are true and righteous altogether.” The orgy of licentiousness and killing must stop or it will kill America –it’s called the Roe effect- as surely as if we had firing squads massacring elementary school students ON A DAILY BASIS NATION WIDE. The toll has already surpassed –SURPASSED the blood letting of the Great War and is on track to surpass the number of killed in the entire 2nd World War. This is not something small. This is not something insignificant. This is a spilling of blood and innocent lives on a monstrous scale made more sinister by its proponents comparing the right to choose to our most sacred civil rights. There is nothing sacred –NOTHING- about killing called lawful or not. It is a cause for shame. It is a cause for weeping. It is –or should be a cause for alarm. What kind of society have we become?

Such a society deserves to collapse and be wiped off the face of the earth.

Bin Laden is a grisly fascist beast but he knows ONE BIG THING: God is great and those who run their lives in complete disregard for His fundamental laws of love and mercy will not be spared in the end.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse hover near just as I write, DISEASE, WAR, FAMINE and GREEN DEATH……O ye of little faith…..who think of nothing but eating drinking and making merry…

If we do not change our ways SOCIALLY and ECONOMICALLY and educationally and morally the American people will face a terrible day of reckoning.



THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE case you don’t know your Bible….

ίππος λευκός (híppos leukós), [The] White Horse PESTILENCE and DISEASE

ίππος πυρρός (híppos purrós), [The] Fiery Red Horse WAR and its destruction and waste

ίππος μέλας (híppos mélas), [The] Black Horse FAMINE DROUGHT AND MASS STARVATION

ίππος χλωρός, θάνατος (híppos khlōrós, thánatos), [The] Pale Green Horse, [named] DEATH…

…I will never forget what my Auld Pop heard from the Bible scholar holding a rifle next to him at 2nd Ypres ( April 24, 1915) as witness to the demonic first German gas attack…
”HIPPOS KHLOROS THANATOS…HE SAID.”The Pale Green horse”…then a medical student from Glasgow University said “IT’S GAS, LADS, CHLORIINE GAS –it will burn out our eyes and lungs with HYDROCHORIC ACID! PISS IN YOUR HANKERCHIEFS MEN! Cover your mouths and keep your eyes closed and PRAY TO GOD…. The Highlanders all said “DIA (Gee-ah), have mercy on us! ”

Word went down the line quickly and the men did as they were told and held the line to the total surprise of the Germans lumbering forward in their protective gear.
Yes, all this stirs a remembrance of "the thin red line" of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders' unlikely routing of the Russian Cavalry at Balaklava and of the German strormtroopers in the Ypres Salient.

Aye, a Thin Red Line of heroes they were, men of strength, courage, loyalty and faith TO THE DEATH. I doubt if there are many if any Obama supporters who would follow HIM to the DEATH for any cause.

It must be remembered that such victories are achieved not only by extraordinary courage, but absolute trust in their leaders such as Sir Colin Campbell or Private Colin Campbell Mitchell (later Captain Mitchell of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders and father of the late Col. Colin Campbell Mitchell ASH, AFRICA, ITALY, NORMANDY, GERMANY, KOREA, ADEN….) Ne obliviscaris…DO NOT FORGET.

Old Mac and Young Palin are worthy of the absolute trust of the American people.
I, for one, would follow them the gates of hell and yes I would drain my very veins for them because they represent real hope and real change and FREEDOM for my children and my children’s children and the countless millions of innocent children yet unborn. That’s a cause worthy to follow and yes, worthy to die for.



Sat 8/30/2008 6:56 AM

Her Christian faith--Palin grew up attending nondenominational Bible churches--was a minor issue in the race. She told me her faith affects her politics this way: "I believe everything happens for a purpose. In my own personal life, if I dedicated back to my Creator what I'm trying to create for the good . . . everything will turn out fine." That same concept applies to her political career, she suggested. FRED BARNES

MUNRO: Someone with core values like this will be no pushover. The Big Liberals think if you don’t have a law degree from Harvard or Yale you are a hick and a hayseed; but the people sense that the Big Liberal Elite –the Belt Way Elite- has become an entrenched almost Imperial Bureaucracy. They don’t like what they see and they fear and distrust Beltway parasites who ,by they way, they sense despise the common people and who do not hold heartland values. The rise of Palin, it seems to me, will be historic like the Phoenix like career of McCain himself-who is a true Man of the West-and TR . But in many ways Palin is MORE remarkable than Theodore Roosevelt –who was a very talented, brave and usual man. Why?

TR was wealthy from a prominent New York Dutch/Scotch family and inherited great financial security. And most people forget –I do not- that TR’s mother was a Southern Belle whose family overflowed with Southern Heroism not only in the Civil War but in the War of 1812, the Indian Wars and the American Revolution. So if you know this it is not so strange TR would be at home in the South and on the Frontier. His New Nationalism was born in his very heart.

Palin is the daughter of an elementary school teacher and the school secretary. She was on the school basketball team that won the state championship (she probably plays better than Obama) She grew up hunting Moose with her father (she is reported a crack shot and an expert fisherwoman). She did not have great wealth but she rose to prominence merely on the strength of personal courage, a strong and sincere faith, an abiding American patriotism, great personal integrity and a desire to do the right thing for the people she knows and loves and who she feels have been ignored and exploited by Big Liberal Elites of the Left and Old Boy (secular) Elites of the Right. She has trounced them both while promising the people a ‘Square Deal.” Yet she has great humility. We the people sense she knows and has drunk in the ancient wisdom of the Old Book: “Except for the Lord….the watchman waketh in vain.”

Palin’s story is a genuine American story. It is a story for our times. It has the potential to be –and I don’t think I am exaggerating- the most exciting political story since TR himself.

Things should be very interesting. I think it striking that Obama’s speech was so literarily flat. So lacking in any biblical or cultural allusions except the clichéd kind you pick up on TV. It was if I was listening to some unread kid with a sports scholarship from Grambling. That’s why I call him and not without reason, “Sportin’ Life” Obama. With him , it ‘ain’t necessarily so!! What does he believe anyway? What does he know? What has he done? No one seems to have that answer.

The Belt Way Elite will find out that there is a reserve of great talent and courage in the American heartland.

Old Abe came out of the wilderness; Sarah Baracuda, too. Her coming seems providential to millions of Americans.

Dennis Prager had tears of joy when he heard her speak. Tears of joy.

He was not alone -untold countless Americans also felt their hearts leap that finally their voices would be heard saying “LET US HOPE AND PRAY....MAC AND PALIN all the way!”

Richard K. Munro, American by choice, American teacher

Proud supporter of Mac in 2000 and in 1972 (yes we talked about him and wanted him free).

Unequivocal supporter of McCain-Palin not for me, not for my class but for the hope and strength and good of America.

Sat 8/30/2008 6:56 AM

Dear Friend: Today naysayers who know nothing about the career and character of Sarah Palin mock her. But McCain has studied her character and has obliviously been impressed. They both have similar philosophies. They both have the same favorite American presidents LINCOLN and TR. As a matter of fact Palin is a lot like TR in her courage and character.

Palin is an usual woman. She has the reputation to be as good a shot as Hemingway or TR himself.

Palin’s career of honesty and integrity is in fact Lincolnesque. Lincoln did not have great experience. He had NO executive experience and only TWO years in congress and few years as a state legislator. In fact, Obama –who has ZERO executive experience- has more experience than Lincoln.

But Palin has more experience than Obama. She has a solid record as a reformer and a populist and against the odds became the mayor of her home city, then ran for Lt. Governor with almost no money losing out only by 2000 votes. Then in 2006 she trumped the establishment Republican candidate in the primary and won overwhelmingly in the general election. She has the highest popularity rate of any sitting governor. And she has traveled and she has run small businesses.

But ultimately why did McCain pick her? Because he recognized a woman of strong character and values who believes as McCain does in the values of duty,honor, God and country. I wish her well and enthusiastically endorse her. Many young people and middle class people will support her because she is, like Lincoln was, a woman of the people. New York won’t care for her but I am certain the heartland will embrace Sarah Palin with great enthusiasm and affection. And why not?

She is one of us. God bless America! No one will runaway with THIS election. Obama-Biden will find McCain-Palin to be very competitive especially where it counts in battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Nevada, and Michigan. There’s much more to American than New York and San Francisco

MAC and Palin are great….all the way in ’08!

Richard K. Munro

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