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Saturday, July 18, 2009


> Larry Auster, who doesn't like Palin much, being the New York intellectual he
is, if conservative, has an interesting item today:
> Sarah Palin on Running
> By way of an article in the New York Times, I came upon an interview with
Sarah Palin in Runner's World. She's devoted to running, which has always been a
central part of her life, along with sports and physical activities generally,
and it's an interesting and enjoyable interview.
> But then--I want to keep this point separate from the interview, which is
purely about running and entirely positive--numerous commenters attack her,
saying such things as that the interview is "garbage" and they don't want to
read Runner's World any more because it had the interview.

Then you realize that there really is such a thing as Palin hatred out there. Hatred of her as a human being. Hatred of her for existing. If she drank a glass of water they would hate her for that. As I've said, I don't understand such hatred. I don't know what they hate her for. I don't know what she symbolizes to them and if they are hating something larger through her.

But the hatred exists and it's a very ugly
and disturbing thing. really is such a thing as Palin hatred out there.

of her as a human being.

Hatred of her for existing. If she drank a glass of
water they would hate her for that.

As I've said, I don't understand such
hatred. I don't know what they hate her for.

I don't know what she symbolizes to
them and if they are hating something larger through her. But the hatred exists
and it's a very ugly and disturbing thing.
THERE IS NO QUESTION THERE IS real idelogical hate is among certain Democratic
voters of the left. It equals in its hate quotient anything hatched among the Klan and Stormfront white supremacists, and it dwarfs the Neonazis in size by a one
million multiplier.

Larry Auster seems intelligent and fair from what I have read.
There is no question there is Palin hatred out there.

Now this is no surpise to me, personally. It used to shock me when people
showed hatred to the Pope and the Catholic Church but of course the Pope
represents a stark reminder of the old verities which though rejected strongly
by a new generation are distasteful reminders of a moral order and way of life
they would wish would disappear from the face of the earth. Planned Parenthood
zealots and NOW zealots believe in their way of life (to me a culture death
tending towards sexual suicide and a cult of childlessnes) as if it were the one
true religion. There is no question of tolerance or repsect on their behalf.
They KNOW they are up-to-date and RIGHT and the Pope and the Church and any
traditionalists at all are wrong and must be kept down or wiped out. They, as
secularists cannot understand the staying power of religion but they sense it is
in the family and to destroy the traditional family they need to discourage,
confuse or discredit traditional marriage and especially discourage women from
being wives and mothers and especially discourage them from being pro-life or
having large families.

I have noted, among so-called liberals of the Sierra Club, a great hatred for
Hispanic immigration and the Catholic Church which they feel is the primary
cause for poverty and overpopulation. There is a great dislike for tradition
women and many "advanced" American women (university educated) thrown scorn upon
immigrant women for their bad teeth, their shapeless figures but especially
their large broods of children.

Palin is very very unusual in that she is a native born American woman and a
mother of five. To the mind of Sangerites and NOWists a woman with multiple
pregnancies -this is an article of faith- sacrifices her figure. But Palin has
the figure of a 19 year old cheerleader. Many of her detracters are probably
deeply jealous. So they attack her character and intelligence. The reasons for
this are, probably, that she grew up eating a lot of fresh fish and game not
fatty pork or beef and has since early girlhood led a very active physical life.
Hiking in the snow, hunting, fishing, playing basketball and running. She is
reportedly a moderate eater, does not smoke and is abstemious in drink. Palin
is in fact an excellent role model for us all when it comes to a healthy

Speaking frankly, I doubt I would be intellctually impressed by Sarah Palin if
I knew her personally. But I am very bookish man
happy to spend the morning reading a novel and the afternoon studying Stoic
philosophers (Epictetus, Aurelius, Seneca) to follow that with a history. She
and her husband probably wouldn't like me or have much in common with me. But
most people don't like me and I don't hold that against them. I prefer the
company of books to most people. I am sure I am fonder of whiskey and beer than
she is but I don't think she would make me feel uncomfortable about it. But
I think I would respect her very much for her family values , integrity and
hospitality. And I think there is no question we would share patriotic
values and great admiration for patriots and great Americans like Lincoln,
Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Eisenhower and Reagan. Like me I think she
feels the Democratic party has lost its moorings but I think also we would
share a disdain and distrust for Beltway Republican elites. I can say very
truly that I have grown to hate with a passion many liberals but I especially
hate Republican elites who have been unkind and contemptuous to Mrs. Palin. So
much so I would possibly never support or vote for another Republican as long as
I live. Most of them seem incompetent and worthless anyway. But Sarah Palin
I trust; she represents the kind of nice Western women from Texas, Arizona and
Washington (State) who are the best of an ancient tradition of
independent but modest, God-fearing womanhood of mothers, aunts and sisters. My
mother, who was an Islander, came from that tradition. So did both my
grandmothers and so does my charming, diligent, loyal and true Spanish wife who
is the rock and foundation of our loving family life. My wife admires and
supports Mrs. Palin and became a US citizen so that she could vote for her. We
contributed $500 which is a lot for us. We rarely contribute to candidates; we
prefer to support our favorite authors and artists by buying multiple copies of
their works.

I am sure that Mrs. Palin is knowledgeable about music (she plays the flute) and
the Bible and that she is better read than many people give her credit for.
But I also know there is a great knowledge to be found in DOING things and
WORKING with people. I respect people who can do physical things I cannot do.
I can shoot (I was a soldier) but I know my limitations and respect people who
are crack shots (as Mrs. Palin is). I know from experience that gun safety and
markmanship represent many hours of training and practice. Personally, I
prefer the piano to pistols and rifle ranges. However, I would not hesitate
to plug an intruder and evil doer if neccessary who interrupted the peace and
security of my hearth and home. Touch not this cat without a glove. I know
there a times when a man must kill or die or be prepared to die.

Today I got a letter and a free CD from cellist and composer Wendy Weatherby; I
love music and I respect people who can play better than I and create. I am
not jealous; on the contrary I enjoy my relationship with her and other artists
and I like to encourage them. My wife is so neat and clean; she makes the
kitchen and bathrooms sparkle. I try to help but basically do the heavy
manual labor, lifting and scrubbing. I acknowledge, with humility, that I am
good at some few things but not good at other things. It takes all kinds to
make a world.

I don't know exactly what qualties Sarah Palin has or if she would be an
effective president. I admit to not being sure. But I can say this with
certitude. Sarah Palin is a great American woman. She may be the last gasp
of a great tradition of great women like Julia Ward Howe and Mercy Otis Warren
women who were great Americans, wives and mothers.

But this is why Palin is hated. She is everything most men wish their wives
and girlfriends are but are not. I am lucky in that even though I would not be
good enough for Sarah Palin I have a wonderful woman from the same Great

Palin is hated because she represents common sense and not pop psychology.
Palin is like a lot of strong Western grannies I know who are kind, motherly
and crack shots. They are my friends and they know I am a man to be trusted
and that I would lay down my life for those I love, my family, my students and
my friends. Maureen Dowd and her ilk? Mostly childless shrews and vixens who
are for the most part selfish and worthless people. In 50 years they will not
even leave a trace. People many people will still talk of Sarah Palin with
love and respect. That is a given. She is a very loved woman. And she will
have hundreds of descendants.


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