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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (AKA A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH Escalera al cielo (Sp) Une question de vie et de mort (Fr) Scala al paradise (It)
A classic film directed by the Archers considered the best European and British film directors of the 20th century*
(Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger)
TIME: May 1945 Just before V-E Day.

PLACE (setting) : Someplace over the English Channel, England and….Heaven

1) PETER CARTER (the pilot) Starring DAVID NIVEN
Oscar winning actor
2) JUNE (the American girl; WAAC Woman’s Army Air Corps) Starring KIM HUNTER
Oscar winning actress
3) Bob Trubshawe
(“Sparks”: the radio man on the bomber) ROBERT COOTE
4) A woman angel Kathleen Byron
5) Conductor 71 (Frenchman)
(A French Noble executed during the Reign of Terror 1791) Marius Goring
6) Dr. FRANK REEVES (an English Doctor) Roger Livesey
7) Abraham Fallon (American; killed April 19, 1775 at the Battle of Lexington) Raymond Massey
8) The Celestial Judge / The Surgeon Abraham Sofaer


From all the Allied Powers
See what countries you can identify. included real WWII R.A.F. crews,
Red Cross nurses
and W.A.A.C (Woman’s Army Air Corps)


1) Peter Carter is the RAF (Royal Air Force) pilot who is returning from a bombing mission over Nazi Germany. What is the matter with his plane?

2) Why is Peter Carter alone except for “Sparks” the dead radioman (Bob)? Where is his crew?

3) Why doesn’t Peter bail out with his parachute?

4) Who does Peter talk to over the radio?


5) According to Peter who the world is in trouble because it ignores the teaching of what three famous teachers?____________________________________________________________________________

6) Peter comes to in the surf of the English Channel and who does he meet at the beach?

7) Do you believe in love in first sight?


8) Even though Peter has survived he has a head injury so what does Dr. Reeves tell Dr.
McEwen and June what Peter needs to survive?

9) When the ambulance is late what does Dr. Reeve do? What happens to Dr. Reeve? What job will Dr. Reeve take?

10) )Who says:” I've fallen in love with her. Her accent is foreign, but it sounds sweet to me. We were born thousands of miles apart, but we were made for each other/”

______________________ _______________________________________________________
11) In Heaven the prosecutor Abraham Fallon say “Be careful, doctor Reeves. In the whole Universe, nothing is stronger than The Law.
Doctor Frank Reeves: Yes, Mr. Fallon, nothing is stronger than The Law in the Universe, but on Earth nothing is stronger than________________________________________________________________________________
12) Will June and Peter live a long and happy life together in the end?________________________

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